Data Breach Response

Data Breach Response

Data breaches continue to occur across a broad spectrum of business, education, government institutions and medical facilities. In fact, since 2005, more than 250 million customer records containing sensitive and confidential information have been lost or stolen. Companies that delay or mishandle breach notifications are four times as likely to experience customer turnover than companies that respond and resolve them quickly.

Mosaic provides comprehensive pre-planning that can help you minimize the effects of a data breach and respond with quick, effective measures if a data breach does occur.Phishing photo

Benefits include:

  • A no-fee pre-breach contract to secure the best price in the event you need to respond to a data breach
  • Peace of mind for key stakeholders in and outside of your company because you’re supported by Experian, a trusted provider and a $4 billion global company
  • Helps you plan ahead so you can assure customers that a breach resolution plan
  • is in place

Mosaic’s post-breach response includes:

  • Notification letter and call center support
  • National address on file and address append
  • U.S.-based fraud resolution agents available 7 days per week
  • Robust assistance to investigate and resolve fraud concerns
  • Speed of execution that can scale to manage events affecting one individual to millions of people
  • Incident response and training
  • Post-breach intelligence that includes detailed information about the number of fraud incidents, as well as enrollment and escalation reporting

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