Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Family “Fully-Managed” Identity Restoration

  • Victim executes a Limited Power of Attorney to permit certified Restoration Specialist to act on victim’s behalf
  • Restoration Specialist, rather than victim, performs tasks to restore the victim’s identity to its pre-event status

Family Coverage

  • Covers individual Program Member plus immediate family
  • Broad definition of “Family”
  • Program Member plus spouse/domestic partner
  • Children up to age 25 sharing same permanent address
  • IRS dependents sharing same permanent address
  • Includes disabled/dependent adults over age 25

Employer Benefits
Presents employers an excellent business opportunity, increasing revenues, adding value to customers and clients, and protecting the loyalty and productivity of your employees

  • Protect customers/employees/family members from the devastating effects of Identity Theft
  • Creates a source of increased fee income for your organization
  • Distinguishes your organization from your competitors
  • Provides increased value to your customers/employees/family members

Business Solutions
Mosaic Identity Services designs and implements identity recovery solutions for businesses and organizations that want to:

  • Protect their customers and employees
  • Provide increased value for their customers
  • Create a source of increased fee income
  • Prepare for data breach incidents
  • Distinguish themselves from their competition

Mosaic provides fully-managed family ID recovery, identity monitoring, document replacement, and business data breach response services. In addition, Mosaic offers proprietary online legal compliance programs, paperless HR functions, and employee orientation programs that are not available from any other company, creating a unique value proposition for businesses that want to stay on the cutting edge.

100% success rate to date for Program Members who have become victims of Identity Theft to restore their identities to their pre-event status.