About Identity Theft

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About Identity Theft

Most of our competitors charge for their services per person, but not Mosaic. Our FamilyBeacon™ suite of services is designed to protect the entire family, regardless of how large, making these vital services more affordable for all.

Our commitment to family is seen in how broadly we define it: Program Member, spouse/domestic partner, plus all children sharing the same permanent address up to age 25. We also cover all IRS dependents sharing the Program Member’s permanent address above the age of 25.

FamilyBeacon™ ID Recovery sets the standard for quality of service:

Fully-managed (not “assisted”)

  • Family coverage
  • No significant coverage exclusions (inter-family, phishing, etc.)
  • No limitation on performance – we work until the identity is restored, period
  • Three-year stay-fixed guarantee

For the broadest coverage at a family-friendly price, there is one solution: FamilyBeacon™.
One of Mosaic’s goals is to educate our members in regards to Identity Theft.
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